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December 6, 2010


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Middle-earth is a world created by J.R.R.Tolkien, one of the most complex creations and foundations of classic fantasy. Many artists are inspired by this amazing world, and there are not many events in its history that escaped a painter's brush... I bring you a short (yes, I call this short :)) summary of the events, in a more or less chronological order:  

Before the time:
Iluvatar and The Begining by Nahar-DoaWake Up by CatiZzaAinulindale : The Great Music by noei1984 Ainulindale by vilva73Ainulindale by AlasseaEarelloBirth of Valar by SkullbastardThe Music of the Ainur by elegaerThe Music of the Ainur 2 by elegaerThe Music of the Ainur 3 by elegaerThe Music of the Ainur 4 by elegaer

First age:
Silmarillion Genealogical Tree by BerenfoxManwe Sulimo by GustavoMalekManwe by Nahar-Doa:thumb74497816:The Mother of Stars by fernandocarvalhoSilmarillion: Taniquetil by LadyEllethNienna by RenaSarrabiNamo, the Judge by MaurevalVaire, the Weaver by DanielGovar:thumb166655722:Melkor by Lirulin-yirthThe Fallen Angel by morrigann11:thumb123399675:Melkor by TaeriThe Dark Vala by ginn-mIlluin by BellaElizabethLarsen"And Aule made the Dwarves" by AlasseaEarelloCuivienen by losselenOrome Encounters the Elves by ProtoguyEarly Days by Leliumoj_The Two Trees_ by emmekamaleiEarwen by Studio-1901The Last Look by BreoganMelkor's Release by felegundMairon and the Shadow by neffinesseFeanor.. estasi e tormento by icy-maidenThe making of the Silmarils by AlasseaEarelloMorgoth and Ungoliant by Protoguyof the darkening of Valinor 6 by TititaMelkor and the Trees of Light by GildharttArien and Tilion - Finished by swiftfox13The oath of Feanor by edarleinnoldolante by katya-hThe Kinslaying by ivoignobThe Curse of Mandos by BelegilgaladNoldolante part I.  Losgar by tuuliky:thumb50539141:La Morte di Feanor by randolfoSons of Feanor by tuulikyHumiliation by Gold-Seven:thumb137356544:FingonsSong colour by Lomilmandel:thumb4767737:Fingolfin by Breogan:thumb151584066:Melkor and Fingolfin by GildharttOf Morgoth and Fingolfin by EthalenSkyeFingolfin vs Morgoth by mattleese87

The tale of Beren and Lúthien
Luthien - dance 2 by vilva73Luthien Dancing by Bmosigberen e luthien by icy-maidenFinrod in Nargothrond by tuulikySongs of Power by MurrauddinLuthien transforms into a bat by marisolyThe Assault on Tol-in-Gaurhoth by tuulikyLuthien by SinusirabelLutien dance in Angband by elendeLuthien dances for Morgoth by marisolyCarcharoth by ProtoguyBeren fighting Carcharoth by MyblackMortal life, immortal love. by GustavoMalekThe Death by tuulikyAnd Luthien sang to Mandos v.2 by GustavoMalekThe choice of Luthien by DappleHack

Narn i Hín Húrin
Aure Entuluva by lomehirMelkor and Hurin by edarleinNarn: Forbidden Love by aautioAmon Rudh by losselenTurin Turambar Sketch by pulyxGlaurung and Turin by AtriedesNienor meets Glaurung by noei1984Turambar finds Nienor by peetThe Slaying of Glaurung by ProtoguyThe end of suffering by noei1984death of Turin Turambar by aryundomiel

The Fall of Gondolin and the Tale of Eärendil and Elwing
Gondolin by Bmosig:thumb165715881:The Lord of Waters by DappleHackEcthelion and Gothmog by Cloisterto the still earth say: I flow by razimo:thumb158745902:Glorfindel and the Balrog by GalhadGlorfindel and Balrog by Moumou38family by liga-martaThe Escape of Elwing by BmosigElwing and Earendil by Isilion72Earendil by EliathanisAncalagon attacks the Vingilot by BelegilgaladEarerndil Battles Ancalagon by claravalDragon of the First Age by rubendevela

The War of Wrath
eonwe by MELARkaThe War of Wrath is coming... by Isilion72Maedhros by DappleHackMaglor throws Silmaril by Belegilgalad

Second age:
Elenna by Qitian:thumb37192381:Elros Tar minyatur by hunterionThe promise by Hemhet Ring King - Nazgul by Geistig:thumb163177826:Annatar Christmas card by KaaileSauron comes to Ar-Pharazon by Demi-urgicLeperous Distilment by neffinesseIsildur and the White Tree by Murrauddin:thumb182817030:Khamul by setharielDrowning of Numenor by mattleese87The Rage of Ulmo by ralphdamianiThis I will keep by AbePapakhianGil-Galad Rides into Mordor by LuthiannaI Beheld... by AbePapakhianSauron et Isildur by Baudim

Third age:
Kings of Gondor by PyziIsildur by Ahuramazda480pneEorl the Young at Celebrant by MerlkirCelebrian of Lorien by shyangellImprisoned by liga-martaThe Duel by Isilion72Balins decision by TulikouraWhite council by marisoly

The Hobbit:
The Great Adventure by greensapThe Hobbit by madbatterDwarves at Bilbo's house by edarlein02: The Hobbit - The 3 trolls by ritchat from Frying Pan into the Fire by greensapRevelry in Mirkwood by vilva73Thranduil-head shot by Cin320Lake Town - The Hobbit by NateHallinanArtEsgaroth - "Laketown" by AlaniseSmaug destroys Esgaroth by Gaius31dukeEsgaroth by neral85Smaug by darklingwoodsSmaug by R-ValleSmaug and the Lonely Mountain by AtriedesBard of Lake Town by ShockboltBeorn in Battle by book-illustratorThe Battle of the Five Armies by NautilluzBattle of 5 Army's by kormakBloody storm by jankolas

The Lord of the Rings:
Bilbo's speech by TolmanCottonHalflings by JonHodgsonWillow man by gustavocomparimTom Bombadil by TolmanCottonHobbits on the Barrow-Downs by shongrekAragorn fighting by Moumou38Weathertop - after the Nazguls by ShockboltNazgul in the Bruinen by CG-WarriorLegolas by CG-WarriorComssn.:.cncpt::NarsilAnduril by rowenyAscent to the pass of Caradras by CrowsrockThe Fellowship brave Caradhras by thrombosis-leopardApproaching Caradhras by Canis-LupessMithrandir, Mithrandir by adorindilGaladriel portrait, sketch by Pika-la-CyniqueThe Lady of Lorien by BreoganThe Mirror of galadriel by BmosigThe Death of Boromir by CG-WarriorThe Funeral Boat of Boromir by peetRide to Edoras by Canis-LupessMarch of the Ents by ringbearer80:thumb113509395:Wrath of Bregalad by 23-dThe Lord of the Rings - Collab by DUCKAZOIDOathbreakers, why have ye come by AbePapakhianWraiths by drywipenWaterfall of rainbow by vilva73Eowyn of Rohan by FilatGhan-buri-ghan by TolmanCottonRohirrims detail by RUIZBURGOSThe Ride of the Rohirrim by AbePapakhianBattle of Minas Tirith by MeleagerNo Mere Man by R-TanEowyn and the Witchking by linfaFields of the Pelennor by ElandainLiving Voice in Hateful Dream by sandelwoodDarkness will not endure by ellaineLooking at Mordor by JadeMakoto:thumb127523483:Saved by the Great Eagles by Miruna-LaviniaThe Field of Cormallen by TolmanCottonYe, utuvienyes by galadhornNew Beginnings by SilraenMinas Tirith 51 by Minas-Tirith-HakanElder Days - coloured by artissimaScouring of the Shire by discogangsta:thumb125910118::thumb34788888:have returned by icy-maiden

The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen
Gilraen and sleeping Estel by AlasseaEarelloName of the King - Estel by idolwildArwen by NawiaName of the King - Thorongil2 by idolwildGilraen's Farewell by gelisLovers of Cerin Amroth by lizzbuenaventuraArwen Waiting... by Bmosigundomiel by icy-maidenKing Aragorn by jankolasAragorn by akreonAragorn in Rivendell by CG-Warriorradici profonde by icy-maidenAragorn son of Arathorn by Gold-Seven:thumb158746998:Grampasso by icy-maidenStrider by WangyuxiStrider by Mistermoster by English-PirateKing Elessar by idolwildElessar and Evenstar by cathy-chanEnduring Renewal by DavidDebTwilight of the Evenstar by Ailinon

Fourth age:
:thumb74620140:By the White Tree by hiddenmuseEomer and Lothiriel-- Wedding by NeldorElanor by Liliane:thumb140376046:Time to leave by Moumou38Elven path by wrednawiedzmaThe last ship by Dabbaghi

Other writings:
Farmer Giles by KirstineSmith and the Faerie Queen by wild-yakNiggle Paints by graemeskinnerNiggle's Country 1 by graemeskinnerThe cottage of the lost play by Elrond087:thumb76829998:The Mewlips by LoneanimatorGoldberry and unfamiliar sinda by RighonTom Bombadil part 5 by Loneanimator

More in my collection:…
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This is an amazing collection, it really inspires me to re-read the books and create some art of my own.
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