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May 27, 2011


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Myths and Legends Across the World

Journal Entry: Fri May 27, 2011, 7:04 AM

Myths and legends are somewhere deep in the subconscious of every nation, often unique and wonderful tales, yet different from other stories - once they were alive. People lived with them, considered them true... and in a way, they are all true. They are a part of our heritage, and with every legend forgotten, something inside us dies. I wandered wide and far through dA to gather these tales. Sit down by the fire and listen…


Gilgamesh and His Last Acts by DaMaupin Gilgamesh vs Enkidu by DaMaupin Inanna by Lakandiwa The Death of Enkidu by MeteoDesigns Ishtar by SofiaNightwings


Anubis and Ammut by Dracunnum He Who Balances by Hbruton At Edfu by Hbruton Anubis by silvestris Schemers: Set and Horus by blayrd Lord of All Growing Things by neffinesse Gods by Hbruton


Orpheus and Charon by llewllaw The Female Trinity by fanitsafantasy The champion of mankind by lucasalcantara Icarus falling by Amyhoi Demeter Goddess by midoriharada Moiras by shvayba Zeus by VargesPoseidon by GENZOMAN centaur by sandara Perseus and Andromeda by Himmapaan .: europa and the bull :. by xdragonflyx Hercules by wraithdt


Caer Ibormeith by darktear83 Morrigane looks the Thiefeyes by Chonunhwa Kernunnos by Yannig-Germain BRIAN BORU by soys Macha by MoonSpiral Cu Chulainn by Crowsrock The Blood of Cuchulain by Ionus Horned God at the Solstice by Becka-Van-Filth The Death of Cuchulain by miss-a-r-t Deirdre agus Naoise by Breogan Claws in the Night by puimun

German and Viking (Edda)

Yggdrasil by fenix42death of balder-norse myth-Fmp by zombieprincess Death of a Viking by anubisreddeath Ride of the Valkyries by EvaKedves Art Trade - Tyr by MaverikElf The sons of Ivaldi by Hellanim The Death of Ymir by Elric888 Idun and Bragi by smolenskaya Norns by smolenskaya Valhalla by lemuren Loki by luisflores RAGNAROK by soys Thor - Odin and  Sleipnir by michaelkutsche Yggdrasil by pixieface

Finnish (Kalevala)

Heroes of Kalevala by jjnaas Vainamoinen ja Joukahainen by drandula In sauna by Laineilla Vainamoinen by lAhlbeck Kalevala Journal 12-13 by graffitihead Kalevala: The Fate Of Aino by sikuriina Kalevala: Son of Evil by nopsku


Bogatyr by michalivan Slavonic mystery by smolenskaya Alkonost by Jo-Freyr Baba Yaga by MarkTarrisse The Alkonost by mashpotato18 Firebird by AnHellica


Mora by DreddaBrutallac the Zlatarog by felixxkatt Morena brings death by zzen Perun and Yarovit by Righon Vodnik by Adrakitt Perunova dubrava by DuszanB :thumb119574513: :thumb109653200: Rusalka by Kaelycea Milosnice by DreddaBrutallac


Ganesh by SARYTH Vishnu, Lakshmi by zaradei shiva by CRYSTAL-2012 The Ramayana - Book 2 by mimezu The Prince Of Ayodhya by DennyKotian Mahabarata by dezygn Hanuman by kometani


Bridge of Wings - The Weaver by puimun Monkey King by SARYTH Hua Mulan by Veronica-Art dragonball by breathing2004 Fu Dragon by beastofoblivion On stage by phongduong Ten Suns by puimun Shenlong the rainbringer by VampirePrincess007

Ainu and Japan

Ainu Creation Story 1 by BigFaceReter-cikap-kamuy by jurithedreamerAmaterasu Hi by Lakandiwa Tanabata by AnHellica The Legend of Tokoyo by solangiana Amaterasu by GENZOMANFeathers and Arrows by MischievousMartian Amaterasu by Zephyri Kitsune by who-stole-MY-name

Other Asia:

Maligno by artstain The Adoration to The Lost Clan by rinaswan Seon-nyeo Pungcha by Lakandiwa Emperor Hung Vuong by splendidriver Machanu and Supanna Matcha by azrael1984 The Eleventh Full Moon by rinaswan


Africa vision by sabin-boykinov Detail2 African Creation myth by Nytlin Detail1 African Creation myth by Nytlin :thumb122225216: Heyoka by Loren86 Abatwa with Legend by WolfWhoSings

North America

Teachings of the Sweat Lodge by AaronPaquette White Buffalo Calf Woman by AaronPaquette Raven Kouth by Artkon72 TOTEM by Agarwen Raven Steals the Sun by EskimoScrybe Spirit by Zephyri Copperwoman by AaronPaquette

South and Central America

Mayan god: Hunab-Ku by XLordAndyX Mayan Myth - Goddess Ixchel by EmanuellaKozas My Gran Quetzalcoatl 2010 D. by rykyramirez Quezacoatl by Lakandiwa The Jaguar by TigerNinja The Rebirth of Seven Macaw by TempestErika Xolotl and Tonatiuh by graoww


Legend of the Rainbow Serpent by screwbald Dreamtime by SkylaStarDreamer Australian dream time by AzureAngel2ihrs


Saint Joseph by Theophilia Mary by marianmalecki Archangel Michael by PaperCutIllustration Eden by wicked-vlad THE PROMISE by JoseRafaelCruzpagan ARMAGEDDON by artstainDelilah by leventepsalome by hishaSt.George and the Dragon by PaperCutIllustration


Parsifal of RichardWagner by andrekosslick :thumb186271020: Forgotten Bells of Ys by puimun Joan of Arc by Michael-C-Hayes Lady of the Lake- Painting by Lamorien Tristan and Isolde by midoriharada The Seduction by puimun Excalibur by alanlathwell Unicorn 2- Heraldic by who-stole-MY-name Lady Godiva by feliciacano The Green Knight by LittleFrog626 the lady of lake by monicakuo Joan Of Arc- Juana de Arco by Giacobino Lohengrin - The Journey by alarie-tano Merlin and Arthur by alanlathwell The Fisher King by rainesz Robin Hood by JessiBeans

Later legends and fairy-tales:

PIPER by Sargiel Nisse or Tomte by neuromantiker Der Schimmelreiter by Gold-Seven Piper's Lullaby by Artgerm Scarlet Flower by Dolgopolov Troll and Valravn by humon The Kraken attacks by Chongo-zilla The Lorelei by orphicfiddler Rhinemaidens- Study of Rackham by Lamorien :thumb108689554: The Aspidochelone by DaemonReaper Lucky Leprechaun by mreach

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I'm glad you like it!
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zdrava Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012   Digital Artist
The article is very interesting. But may I ask a question?
Why you place Russian and Slavic in different categories?
MirachRavaia Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Russian myths should be a subcathegory of Slavic, but they have some very specific tales and characters that don't appear in the mythologies of the other Slavs, that's why I put them in a separate cathegory.
Cellesria Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
Thank you so much for featuring my work! A lot of great work featured here! :)
MirachRavaia Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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This is so great, i am very late to see all of these great works, thanks for including my maligno and armageddon :thanks:
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